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Dr. Heidi McKenzie is a licensed clinical psychologist in the states of Pennsylvania and California. She has more than 20 years of experience working with personnel in the law enforcement and security services, including past experience working as a psychologist in a maximum security prison.

As such, she has a clear understanding and knowledge of the skill sets required to be successful in law enforcement settings as well as advanced knowledge of interpretation of the MMPI for persons involved in these occupations.

When selecting a psychologist for your examination process, it is important to select an examiner who not only knows how to administer and score the MMPI, but also one who understands what the typical profile for the police or other law enforcement looks like, as these tend to differ in some significant ways from the general public.

Dr. McKenzie specializes in working with persons engaged in high-stress, high-conflict occupations and provides testing and assessment (including fitness for duty evaluations or return to work evaluations) as well as counseling services for persons in these professions who wish to work with a psychologist who has first-hand knowledge and experience of the criminal justice system and law enforcement fields.

Dr. McKenzie has completed over 2,000 administrations of the MMPI-II for law enforcement clearances and is exclusively entrusted for this purpose by numerous private corporations, as well as various federal, state and educational institutions with whom she works.

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